i cant open my console in dod source


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first i tried enabeling the button ~.....didnt work T.T

then tried deleting the cfg file.....didnt work T.T

then i tried going into the cfg file and bind a new key to the console.....didnt work T.T

So ppl any ideas ? ive also sended a bug report to steam but we all know how slow they work so if someone got some ideas im all ears

Try right clicking on the Day of Defeat icon under the Games Tab in Steam. Click on Properties. When the menu opens click on the Local Files. First click on "Verifying integrity of game cache" . When that's done click on "Defragment cache files".
Hope this helps!
Ok, update to what I told you, and it works 100%...or you're not understanding it...first of all:
1. Go to the cfg folder
2. Go to the cfg file with some writing program like Word or Notepad
3. Edit the key you want in toggleconsole's key part
4. Go in game, and enable console
5. If doesn't work, repeat