[poll] The manslayer is here :D (mapper)

Hello, I played on the server for about an hour or two a little while ago.
I had talked about making an Orange map that will hopefully be put on your server.

I would like for you to see the quality of the maps I make. I am ranked 3rd on FPSBanana.com, manslayer111.

Here is my latest map for Counter Strike: source GunGame mod.

Also, here is my [link=http://www.fpsbanana.com/members/subs/103231]submission page[/link] that will show you all I have made (friend made all the backgrounds).

If you have an account, please rate a map or two. :D
nice work man. I love the skybox textures you used. I'd like to see what you have for DOD though.

Nice work you have a breaking benjamin slide decal, thats awesome. Im a huge breaking benjamin fan.

Do you do all the artwork for your sprays and GUI's? If you do, thats really impressive.
nice maps ive played the map b4 or one almost exactly like that. works fairly well but i find the ct team usually wins hence terrorists suck
If it's a decent one for dod:s, we'll be happy to run it. Shoot it over to me when you have one ready for play.
Thanks all! :D

I'm gonna try mappin for DOD tonight, I'll have to read some tutorials cause I'll be dealing with some entities unknown to me. D:

Oh well, I'll figure it out.

About the map (map plans, pretty long).

My first mapping plan.....
I want to name it "dod_orange_corridoors".
It will be three corridoors connected through the middle, and the spawns on the spawns (opposite sides).

| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| |-----------| |--------------| |-----------|
| +_____+ +_____+----+_____+-----------|
(Pretend the walls are alligned >_>)
The spawns will be oppisite from eachother, I only did half of it up there cause I don't like drawing stuff with letters and shit. (not at my computer....school lol)

It will be tons more dynamic when it's done.
It will be the open type of battle like in other orange maps.
There will be ledges running around the walls (high above, not too wide so you can still be hit). There will be boxes and walls and stuff in the corridoors.
There will be more space between the corridoors.
The walls will have random blocks and stuff on them (the walls wont be plain orange, I'd get bad assessments on FPSB).
The spawns will be protected from "base-raping" (MG's hangin out inside and killin the spawners...), you will only be able to get out, no getting back in.
I would like to incorporate the boxes I used in the map I showed you guys in this thread, what do you think?
I plan to have 5 flags, 2 near spawn, one in the middle (kind of like orange_arena except not in a tower).

That's about all I can think about right now, I'll work on it when I get home tonight. !shy
maybe draw up your plan in paint real quick so i can get a better understanding of what you are gonna try to make.

But you did describe it pretty good and it sounds good.