[poll] MY OFFICAL CAR!!!~ <3 *first car*


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its a stickshift(manual)

unfortunatly i'll get a thread of my mods to it yet.
did you buy that or did you parents buy it for you? None the less its a freakin sweet car... my first car is going to be a chrysler sebring.... :(
Yellows cars are retarded.... In my opinion. lol My mom had a yellow tracker and it made me want to kill myself. But.... Lancers are nice. My brother has a Flaked Grey 2006 IX. Nice car, lots of mods.

IF you like tuning cars PM me and Ill give you the link to the site my brothers friend made and runs. :)
I'd believe you were getting it if i actually saw a real picture, not just a googled picture.

but if you actually are getting that car, nice work. I dont like the color but the car is kinda cool.
Not bad, good for a first car!

.....almost pineapple coloured.........needs an angry pineapple decal though, to make it go faster! :p

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