OMG Kalt almost in top 10


Forum Fiend
3. 24/7 =(eGO)= Donner No Bots! 32/32 dod_donner
4. 24/7 =(eGO)= AVA No Bots! 29/32 dod_avalanche
5. 24/7 =(eGO)= CHARLIE AKA STRAND NO BOTS! 30/32 dod_strand
11. 24/7 =(eGO)= Kalt No Bots! 1/32 dod_kalt
114. 24/7 =(eGO)= -=[Kustom Kettle]=- CAMP2 RELEASE! 1/32 dod_tunisia
yeah, at this rate, orange maps will strike the top 10 in several weeks. and hopefully Kettle after the next map update (coming soon!)
When it come to online gaming clans...we are in the Elite Group with...well Kustom Kettle. That's about it. Just the two of us at the top. It gets lonely sometimes, but hey...what can you do?