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I made one post
Ok so im playing in the server just now, and theres one guy thats "not really playing fair"
Well i wont going to jump to conclusions, but then a couple other people started talking about him, so i watch him and some of his "plays" were such BS.

after 5-10 more min. of people talking about him, I had a few bs run ins with him and I finally said something. when someone said could someone just kick him, I responded with "seriously, can someone just kick him" I was then told to shutup and was muted by =(eGO)= LEX

now im by no means trying to start anything here, but I think it was just very immature.
If im going to get muted for saying something about the guy (which later was kicked) then the other 10 people talking about him should have been muted also.

i came here thinking this was a mature clan
Try not to take it personally LOCO; instead of muting ALL ten people, maybe he RANDOMLY chose you and hoped everyone else got the hint...

As an orginization we can't just start slapping bans on hunches, there is a process to ban accused hackers that must be followed (including us admins). Hope this clears things up.
^^ is true. misterblonde is saying the truth and to ban any hackers we must go through a process. im sorry if you got affended and i hope u will still play and be a part of eGO.
i wasnt even really accusing anyone of hacking, I dont like to be that guy screaming cheater lol. a bunch of people, including myself, just asked for him to be kicked so we could continue to play a fun game without tempers.
Im not holding anything against anyone other then that one admin.
I still will be playing in the servers and wearing my =(e)=

no harm, no foul
I'd never mute someone unless they were shouting on their mics, or swearing. If they were complaining about a hacker I'd sent them a private message telling them that the hacker was being checked out.
While I personally don't think you should've been muted if what happened was in fact as you said, I DO think any mention or suspicion of hacks should be said in such a manner as not to interfere with the process of banning someone for said hacking suspicions.

You should've, if you thought someone was "bs" seriously, sent a single message of explaination to only the admins by adding a @ right after you hit your chat key, followed by a space and what you want to say.

This way you don't piss anyone off.
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