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ok here iv made some new sigs for anthraxx and me and would like to let u al know ill make them for u ! thses take way longer to male then a normal sig, but if u give me all the differnt screen shot and what u want for caotions then they dont take that long so pm me if u have already made the screen shots... i u want me to do it all then u have to gove me time, schools in and that takes up most of my time lus i like to play DoD so pm me and ill try to fit u in here are the ones i made


when u put it throgh flash cs3 it become grainy lol yah that sucks and ask anthraxx y he has a tompson he ask me to do it lol
Hmmm, that's right, I remember from my days in flash that happened a lot to me for some reason, I managed to get it to produce better image quality but I've forgotten how.

I haven't used flash in ages, I do all my GIF animations in GIMP.

I like that tank sig though....classic stuff there :)
Chris are you exporting to a GIF to make these? to change the quality of the pictures you have to do it when you export. For example...

when you fininsh your video, go to file, exoprt move, make sure you select animated GIF (.gif). Hit save.

Then another window will pop up giving you more options.

under colors select 256 colors, or if you have more go with that.

You can up your resolution also.

Hope that helps!

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