chacarron macarron


Poster Extraordinaire
ummm this is the weridest song i have ever heard [link=hyperlink url][/link]
well at least i made you guys suffer from the messed up singing of that guy, is that even a human language?
lyrics: unnnheaze! zeon zeon yo, macarron yeee, macarron noo... Chacarron Chacarron Chacarron Chacarron! UNHNNNUHNUHUNUHNUHHNUNUHUNUHUNUNUHUNUNNUHHHUNUHN caharunnnnuh caharunnnnuh ununuhhyyhyna caharunnnnuhynyna caharunnnnuhynyna caharunnnnuhynyna caharunnnnuhynyna caharronunnnnuhynyna caharron caharron caharron UNUHNUHNHNUNHUHNHUNY daddy-cool, daddy-flown (lol)in da danny zakhnyinnyfkuhnn UNHNNNUHNUHUNUHNUHHNUNUHUNUHUNUNUHUNUNNUHHHUNUHN

lol wtf that is so retarded.
That song is sooo bad it stays in your head all day long :S... No, not my kind of music

i remember it from 2 years ago we used to play that during classes to piss the teacher(and ourselves) off :D

it gets stuck on your mind like crazy. there are times that i start singing(or we can consider it as making random noises :D)