New Maps Active


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New maps on the Kustom Kettle, custom map server, are now active and ready for play.

Join us there today!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've been waiting so long for a good custom map rotation on one of the kustom kettle servers. Now eGO is pretty much the perfect clan in my eyes. :D :D :D

Most people seem to like it also, I have most of the custom maps in existence from playing on other srvers and have been wanting this in eGO for a while, thanks again :D
Thanks! I like the new maps, they're a nice change. I really liked Lennon, and that one at night was pretty cool too - forgot what it was called.
Hey, thanks for adding the new maps. Most of them are great. Im really enjoying myself being part of the edge Gamers Organization. There has been alot of communication and teamwork on the part of eGO members. Having a GREAT time. woot woot
Yeah, please try to get this server active. Because the maps are not as common as the stock maps, it will take more of a dedicated effort to get this server to stand on its own.

It needs to get into enough people's favorites lists that it will stay full. That takes help.

When you have a decent group of members playing somewhere, try to get the group over there. Once 5-6 people get in there, it fills up VERY fast. Heck, even rock the vote over to a popular map, like Foy, or Santos....

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