any sims 2 fans?


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sorry but have been wantign to ask this for ages. if u got any tips and cool glitches and such just post em here. i may be getting it today, i know that war games and rpgs are alot different but im sure there are some of u !shy
ugh sims games i do not like, i would just put them in the pool and delete the ladder...and watch him drown.....then have ashes by the pool....yet i never caught the house on fire
lol death. i think im gonna try that for fun on a stupid sim i make. lol potbelly with wifebeater. haha that cracks me up. thanks sniper tell me when u ask ur kids.
I used to play.. bored me too much and the computer I played on couldn't handle Sims 2 at the time.

There's a cheat out there, check gamefaqs, that'll give you a bunch of Simoleans. There's also trainers that'll allow you to max certain stats for your character(Personality wise..). But both of those ruin the game and make it pretty boring.

Though, you could always download a bunch of nude skins to liven things up. They are all over. But still.. it'll get boring.
yeah i hate playing the sims and pretending to be poor. who wants to do that lol.

you can always try to model your house, thats always fun to do.
i got sims 2 and took me like 3 days and 3 ingame months to finally get my guy to top of miltary carrer, a wife, and a 3br/2br house, 2story , THE GAME NEVER ENDS i tell you
lol thanks guys. i finally got it and its really fun. i started with a family but it was too hard so i was like w/e and just went with a bacheloer =P. if u got anymore cheats, tips, or hints plz post em. im curious.
I wouldn't say I'm a big Sims fan, but I do own the Sims 2 and the University expansion. Its a great series, but they keep releasing Expansions, and I don't have enough money for all of them. But its always fun every once in a while to just make a new character, and just wait a rainy day playing the Sims.
LOL got good responsonce, love the sims love building stuff in free build, if make a small room with a sim with bad cooking a stove and no alarm watch them run its great. if you buy the latest expansion and u know someone with pervios ones its not aporblems if you have the latest cd in the drive.
have fun
thanks i already had a fire and my guy was going crazy. i had no alarm and i was liek "oh ****!!!!!!" so i had to extinguish it myself =(.

i have it for the pc btw and its getting better but im still trying to find a type of family and the # of family members included. if u know of one eire like a good family number just let me know.
Yeah I don't mind Sims, but I start to lose my mind after a while. Not enough action for me. I prefer sniping all of our head admin on just kidding guys.
I have Sims 2 and all the expansions...yes I love it! I could spend hours building mansions, stores and good looking! I like seeing what the kids of certain couples end up looking like. I haven't yet made a ghost...I heard you can make your sims die in the pool by not having any ladders. So far, the only bad thing that ever happenned to my sim is a toddler left stuck in their high chair. I didn't learn the cheat to move objects at that, the toddler got taken away by social services and my sim was forever sad. Anyways, back to DoD....
ya sims is a pretty cool game. My kids never made their bus and my house alsways got lit on fire and the grim reaper always came. I believe there was some type of cheat to get more money but i forget what it is , maybe :;:;:;:;..... not sure if thats it or not but....
but im still trying to find a type of family and the # of family members included. if u know of one eire like a good family number just let me know. said Majorin Murder

i my opinion 3 adults is a good # for learning to play and 3 adults 2 childern is good if you want a family
to make it harder have less adults more children
3 adults? jeez its like the stepfather came to live with the ex and the wife =P. the latest one i had was a teenager and 2 parents which was going ok. i couldnt get a door through the garge to connect the house it it so that pissed me off like crazy. the cheat though is ctrl+shift+c then u type in "motherlode". my friend made a mansion but i like to keep my houses as they are and add stuff to em.

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