BF2 Hard Lock


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Right, so lately, whenever I play BF2, after varying amounts of time (anywhere from 30 mins to a an hour or so) I get a hard system lock, ie looping sound, no response from alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del, etc. not only this, my cpu blinky led on my case does blinks... nothing. whenever hl2 hangs (extremely rare) it just blinks at a slow, steady rate.

I've reverted to some older video drivers, yet this didn't seem to help any more than extending the amount of time I can play before receiving a hard lock. I previously NEVER had an issue with BF2 doing this. I can only think that it is caused by 1) Video drivers, or 2) bf2 1.41 patch.

My system is composed of the following AWESOME components !frank

Asus A8N-SLI Premium
4x512 Corsair XMS RAM
2xWD caviar 160gb sata 3gb in RAID-0
1xWD 120 GB HD, ATA
2x Leadtek 7800 gtx's, sli'd
Pc Power and Cooling 510-SLI watt
X-FI Fat4l1ty Soundcard

My video drivers are NGO optimised v116218, their latest.

I've used both the latest Nvidia official, and the NGO 29792 drivers, with no help. All other games are Flawless. Bf2 is the only one i have this happen on.
from what i know of bf2.

There are constant updates. youmust goto the bf2 official site and dl the lastest updates, download the smaller file not the whole file. hope it helps.

by the way, whats your rank? I'm first sgt, im too lazy to play these days, too stressful but I'm just about 75% of the way to 2nd Lt.

I've got 1.41, manually updated punkbuster... my "research" has shown that it is caused be my soundcard- soundblaster x-fi fatality. i reverted to older drivers, and use low quality sound now. no more crashes.\

I just made ssgt btw. i hadn't played in months.... ive mostly been playing at a friends request. i bounce between DOD:S and BF2, that way i don't burn out on one or the other.