Steam Community


with the new steam community feature that is currently in beta mode.. there is a 'groups' feature. it looks like it might be a built-in clan system.
if so, will eGO and other clans eventualy use this primarily?
i think it would be nice to have clans more solid i.e. anyone cant just change their name to make them look like theyre in the clan.
what do you guys think?
[quote1188824870=Gen. Sniper]
speaking for myself I may play it not sure if I will have time

play what?
How do i join the steam community group? i just got community a while back and it's pretty cool. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!
yeah.... well it sucks. now ive got xfire anyway. i'd much rather use that. the steam community chat lags you ALOT!
even just opening it freezes everything to like 4FPS.
so, its obsolete. basically.