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Just to let you guys know, pretty much everyone wearing an e tag has a reserved slot. Well, actually, we got rid of the actual reserved slots cause they are more trouble then they are worth.

But....if you have xfire or another chat program and can get ahold of an admin then let them know you are trying to get in and they will kick an annoying player or the last joined player who is not wearing an e tag so you can get in.

So, I guess we do have a slot reservation. But, we want you to be wearing at least an e tag to get to use our reservation system. And xfire helps.
Personally, I would kick someone for you. You are a solid member of the community so I think that counts.
What about me :(?
And if anyone. can you kick bigdaddy or noyade for me
for two reasons.
bigdaddy, just to mess with him :-D
noxus, just to mess with him, and cause he always kills me :-D
... Make up your mind, Noxus or Noyade. Granted both start with N, so I could see why some people might be easily confused ;). Although I'm me, so it'd be a shame to be someone else :((.
I couldnt remember which one was it. I knew one would kill me with the sniper and one would just plain kill me no matter what weapon. So I think it should be both... :-D
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