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Hello everyone, Punch2Face and I have been wanting to open up our own sig shop for a while now but we have never gotten the chance until now, so we are doing it now!

Here are some samples of our work!






Let us know if you want a sig!
Here is a Premade that I just put together. If you want something else in it, just let me know. Something else as in like another picture, or different text.
those are sexy!! how do u make it look like the guy is poking his head out of the picture?? do u just make the background the same colour as the website?
What I did, was I cut the guy out, copied it, then pasted the original picture on there again, and on the one I pasted back on, I chopped off the top part, but the guy I cut out was still there. Then you make the background transparent and save is a .gif or .png.
Looks good, looks a little bland though, like maybe a different background. But the text effect looks nice.
Looks good, looks a little bland though, like maybe a different background. But the text effect looks nice.

Yeah I wanted to put in a different Background but I couldn't think of anything good so I left it the way it was.
Again, thanks for the sigs guys :D But I was wondering, when you get a chance, could you make me a sig exactly like Drunken's using these pics? I wanna make hae trophies of the top eGO guys :)

Just have kendle, tommy, spetz, and red in that order, I don't mind what order you put the other ones in







i just got promoted too and it would be great if you could make me a sig.the only thing i want is a picture of this guy sportacus from lazytown ,doing his gayjump, with =(eG)= Oberst Muller on it.that
would be awesome. :)
For Alias...

Rest coming soon! ^_^

Hey Muller I'm having a tough time finding a good jumping sportacus picture? Would you mind if I used a different sportacus pic and/or you look for a good one?

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