I know theres too many srevers allready but...


i had an idea.
ive been playing exclusively eGO servers sicne i started playing a few days ago (they rock guys, keep it up) and theres a few people i really enjoy playing with in eGO.
the idea is basically that i thought it would be really cool to have a 24/7 private eGO server. one just for us. seeing as its a large clan, with lots of different skill groups, it just seems like a really good way to meet all the other members and to practice.
like a constant scrim. REVELATIONS was saying something about a london HQ being set up so maybe we could have it there. maybe we could have a poll for that too :) or rid ourselves of orange depending on what is decided and replace it with this.
anyway, just a nice idea. now lets see what you all think.
WELL my opinion would be that you can try several of our servers and meet at least 85% of the members and get to know them well. Our Kustom Kettle map is usually full of just eGO members and that is where I have met new and old members alike. I like your Idea but really with the KK server we already have it. Thanks for the idea and I am sure more opinions for and against this will show below this. Thanx for the imput
Personally, I don't think its a good idea. There are always clan members on all of our servers, so jump in and meet the players if you see a member on. You can also meet most of the players here on the forums. Why replace orange with this? Orange is doing very well. Having a "constant scrim" would get old, and fast. I suggest leaving the "scrims" for when the advisors and scrim captains set them up.
I like the idea but i also love the orange server. Aslo i must agree with Midway [blockquote]Having a "constant scrim" would get old, and fast.[/blockquote] but if we had weekly scrims (if there already are just ignore me ^.^ i havent been to one so thats why i dont know) on a server then it wouldnt get that old plus you would still get to meet a heap of people
both fair points. plus i guess i am just new.
i dont really use the KK srever much because i just love the maps valve made. anyway im off to play my awesome new fretless jazz bass :)
both fair points. plus i guess i am just new.
i dont really use the KK srever much because i just love the maps valve made. anyway im off to play my awesome new fretless jazz bass :)

well, you should check out Kustom Kettle sometime. I think it'd be fool heartedly of you if you turn a blind eye to it without even giving it a chance. Custom maps for DoD are used pretty much anywhere and I think everyone can agree that donner and ava get pretty boring after awhile if that's ALL you play. So why not change it up and try a custom map once in awhile? Hope on over and give it a shot! I think you'd be pleasantly surprised as to the quality and how smooth they run. If you know anything about the DoD mapping community, we run maps that were made by some of the best mappers out there today!

Hope to see you there!
Orange owns, plus most of us like to play with diff kind of people...not good for gaming when being owned by our awesome players every day...
If you want to have an eGO only server then just start coming to the scrims we set up. Besides if we were in our own "private" server who would admin the other public servers and recruit new members?
sorry but didnt like it: i enjoy playing with random guys around the world + thats how they are getting into this community
yeah... i see what your all saying. i guess you are all right.
im coming to this friday's scrim. :) looking forward to it actually.
im just impatient and eager becuase so far ive really been enjoying myself. and can i also say...
I LOVE you guys. all of you.
the awesome-ness is flowing like the niagra falls on a bank holiday monday.

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