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Alpha Hawk-RR-

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Who do you think will be victorious in this Friday's e vs eGO scrim?

Being a Friday, I think alot of people will be there, I sure will be :)
o vote e's, because there are many new recruits that haveyet to be noticed. and ive been practising ;)
Lets see. There are eGO's and e's. Hmmm well we are all winners in my book so eGOs are gunna beat the e's!

EGOs FTW!!!!

We have played together and know how the other works. We are a single enity when we play. We shoot, fight, run, die, win, and rarely lose together.
=(e)='s here are some you will have to pray not to be there(Talkin' bout' the eGO's). If you don't, prepare for the most pwnage the world of =(e)= has ever seen. Here are the people: Hugo Maximus, Slayr357, The Drunken Sailor, Mein Kamphy Chair, Baron Rojo the rambo master, OneShotOneKill, and last but not least, Lt. Wolf.
Baron: Target practice for garand
Slayr: A well placed MP44 shot will put him down
Sailor: Hard to swing around and shoot someone when you notice em at the last second.
Kamphy: Predictable movements.
OSOK: dunno, didn't play em too much
Wolf: Target practice.
Hugo: Target Practice.
looks like you got it all planned out alphz hawk, you can say you gonna kill em but when you are face to face with an eGO... isnt it intimidating lol
ego's can't play, LOL, e's have the expirence good luck e's
but eg's will win over all
well the thing that bites is the fact that it will most likely be a custom kettle map... meaning i havn't played it alot and ill prolly suck....but if the eGO's wanna fight on avalanche... they can bring it.. cause we got some guys like eyeless hunter that p00n... anyways gotta go to school
EGO's will easily, like the fact no one ever mentions me, that way no pressure :) And btw, if it's ava, that's my map, so Heat > e's xD...that is if I get to have a springfield.