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I've just discovered the thrusters on Gmod and oh man, are they fun or what! You guys should give me some ideas of what to do with them. I've tried the jump off the ramp with the buggy, what else is there to do? Remember, I can't play during the week so my progress wont be posted until the weekend. But you should definitely give me some stuff to work with :)
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Sorry, just posting to get my 300th post ;) it was bothering me lol.

the possiblities are endless
lol thor
edit button is there for a reason, forum count isnt as big of a deal as you think unless of course that is you are outbreak lol jk
i put hoverballs under a dumpster and then make wings and use thrusters to push it forward then steer with wing thrusters....make sure u bind the wings to a dif numpd key
Make an explosive barrel, pick it up and freeze it in the air. Then add a thruster on the bottom and hold down the appropriate key. Hit R and watch it fly. its a firework!

Weld a bunch together and add spark emitters and you can make some pretty cool ones!
dl the wing mod, then build an airplane, the wing mod actually gives drag and thrust properties to the object enabling them to act like real wings, im in the middle of making a life size c-130... 8)