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Im not sure if this is the right place to put this or not, but seeing as i am still young in the world, with not much experience in the business world, i was wondering if some one that was would give me a good guide to go off of for writing one. The situation is that I am writing a business owner a letter to inquire about employment (building computers and troubleshooting for businesses and home computers). If you could have any help on what would be good things to put and layout the letter it would be very much appreciated :). thank you
Well just put some honorable moments you had with your topic and put it on your letter!
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Ooo Thors right my brother did this kind of stuff. Thor you dont go to the University of Northern Colrado, do you?

Nope. But I used it for my final English project in high school.

And you're very welcome, Jweng! It's got some amazing examples in it, too. One that even resembles your needs!
ok... im only 16 but bare with me... i know alot about this sort of thing.. you will definately want to list any degree's you have in anything related to the job your applying for... any past experiences... some refrences are also a very good thing... this gives the employer a chance to call up someone you've helped in the past that doesn't know you all to well and ask them what they though about you... "make sure to put down ppl that you know would give good refrences." show your appriciation in the letter that they are taking the time to review your app....
well the thing is... i dont have any degrees yet... its more of a position to learn the ropes of the trade type of deal. i talked to him a while back about it and he said he likes to do training things like this. but that was a while back so thats why i am writing him a email/letter
You should definitely send him a paper letter. You want something eye-catchy. You don't want it to look like something that you just rushed through with Word or another program. Go to your closest office supply store and get some heavier paper. It makes you look professional and also lets him know that you pay attention to detail. If you are making out a resume for him, don't be worried about bragging about yourself. Be sure that you include whatever experience you've had. Again going into detail isn't necessarily bragging. I noticed that someone offered to proofread your letter for you. That is a great idea!! Sorry this may sound jumbled, but I have had to do this kind of thing before. I've helped with the contracts in my dad's business and been instructed by a professional. Hey best of luck. Hope you get the job!!
PS. Do some research about his company if you can. The more you know, the better off you are. Knowledge is Power!!
Google is your best friend. Learn to use it and you will be able to research just about any subject!

[link=]Click here[/link]!

...and you will find the type of business letter template and hints that you need.
Keep it brief and to the point. No need to list hobbies like stamp collecting. I am on the recieving end of applications so I can tell you nothing gets crapcanned faster than long-winded letters of inquiry and applications. Tell them what you can do and how fast you can do it. Tell them you are friendly and a 'people person' and I will gladly slap you myself. Good luck.

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