[poll] Its time for Tips and Hints.


I was just running around abusing my new member powers and reading old posts and I realize (unless its in another discussion) that theres not really alot of hints and tips that are offered for members who might just have questions that need answering.

I dont consider myself an expert, but I play Avalanche consistantly, and know most other maps pretty well I just figure since im here if anyone has any questions heres a place to throw them down. Such as PRIMING nades :D.

Also anyone can always offer hints and tips from the goodness of their hearts. For any map or any situation.
I understand that you would like to offer your "expertise" when it comes to DOD. But most people have their own strategies. So unless someone asks you, i don't see the point of creating a strategy post.

There were attempts at creating strategy posts, but most people don't like being told how to play, so they don't last long.
If you need help on the fourms and with tech stuff reguading the website thats what experinced members, advisors, and council members are for.

If its for the game, I prefer the live and learn.

(well, die and learn rather :D )
Well glad to get the opinions out then =). I didnt mean brainwashing noobies. I just meant, helping out those who want to learn how to do something but feel embaressed about asking.. I.E. - shooting people from across map lol.

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