How do i set the microphone options correct.

Steff =FL=

When i here myself in the microphone options, does it sounds like im in the middle of a tonado. How do i set the options crorrect. Im shure that my microphone works.
is this a problem with DOD:S or TeamSpeak? - Teamspeak ALWAYS sounds like crap when you hear yourself.
have people toldy ou that it sounds like crap, just set everything like you would think, in xp set your mic to like 1/2 or 3/4 volue, turn on your mic boost, then in do set the transmit volume to half and such and go in game and see what people say, if it still sounds bad then theres more trouble shooting to do. also make sure you dont have any fams blowing on you and your not too close to the mic when you talkstay at least like a foot away, when you do the test you might sound really soft at a foot away but usualy its fine in game.

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