sig request

Hey Guys! Umm I was wondering if I could ask one of you to make me a sig. Doesn't have to be a work of art just something to do with Dod or the US Air Force. I would make my own but I don't have photoshop anymore. BTW whoever made the sigs around here is really good? What programs are you guys using?
How's this?
Well, the signature like I have, is a template that Dominion made, and I used Garry's Mod to get a picture to put on. And it's made in photoshop. Some of other peoples sigs were made by other members though, which were made by a variety of programs, mostly photoshop I think though.
can someone maybe make one for me 2 :D

I sure can! Post what you want in the "Punch2Face and Thor's Signature Shoppe" thread, please!
yeah I'm going into the Air Force this October I'm currently in the Delayed Enlistment Program. Thats cool that there templates...I never would have thought
Oh you're going into the Air Force? Where are you going to be stationed? If it's Colorado, you might see me lol, I live just outside the Colorado Air Force base.

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