guys, the idea for a new forum for images is too much. heres your chance tho to put your work on display. place your images in this thread. show your work. anyone can post their images. feel free to place anything (that is appropriate of course).
i just got an idea. maybe the images thread should be a sticky. so every1 can see it and it doesnt get old and unnoticed later on. i didnt place a poll but if you agree please reply


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Well I have another idea shadow. Could we mabe make it a important thread, those never get deleted.


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If the thread becomes EXTREMELY popular then it will most likely never need to be made into a sticky.


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here is a sig for krakken.

If you want anything to change dont be afraid to ask. :D

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awww dude that is awesome. You didn't lie. EVEN THE TAG IS RIGHT!

I hope you don't mind, I took off the black background and stuck in a wall of fire for the background.

And I also made the font green

I'll stick it on here as soon as I figure out how......

Edit: Thanks for helpin me get it one here (and making it) oneshot. But I did make one more modicifation. I modify everything (nothing of mine is WHOLLY anyone elses): I stuck some skull and crossbones and hammer and sickles on it

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While we're on the subject of images, I'll put the "Bad Place to Get Lost" Pic I made.


make me a sasuke sig plz =D

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Someone could if they knew what the hell a sasuke was.


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Me? Well that was made in 5 min in paint.


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My sig took a little longer than five minutes. but since we are posting pictures i feel that nobody got the true idea of what a manbridge is...

Its done off the top of the church in avalanche, if you couldnt tell...



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[quote1161507662=Blazing Heat]
A sig I just made in less than 10 mins:


Not bad :) Which program did you use?


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Lol the man bridge looks fun... until someone throughs a nade and kills everyone...