How Fast Do You Download?


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I have a broadband DSL connection and heres the speed of which I'm currently downloading at..


anyone else get ridiculously high spikes like this? this happens a couple days every month.. usually its right around 1MB/s ... right now its 4x that ammount
I average around 9 mbps :)

My friends friend has the HIGHEST I have ever seen. My friend showed me one of his speed tests, 14.9 mbps :O
Milwakee, Blackhawk, Garden - OMG where do you live so i can come live nextdoor? 4600 kB - thats 36800Mbps - there is NO WAY that is from internet, that has to be LAN. I mean seriousely, do you have an 0c48 directly to your house?

Most companies like Comcast only give up to 6000Mbps or 9000 Mbps not 36,800 Mbps HOLY CRAP.
Well, it was from the internet.
I have Bell Sympatico Broadband DSL.
I live in Ontario Canada.

The site I was downloading from was and last I checked, they were not on my LAN network.
I have download accelerator plus or DAP
and I download about that fast but not quite.
last download was 715 mb 3500kb
dap is free download cool stuff
The fastest download speed I have ever seen was a speedtest that my buddy, who works for Apple, ran from the Apple HQ network in Cupertino, CA. I don't remember the exact speed but I do remember that the upstream and downstream numbers overlapped because the test was not designed for numbers so large. :D
wwhhoooaaa green... you got your bytes turned around... A Kb is smaller than a Mb... it goes:
1 KB = 1000 bytes
1MB = 1000KB
1 GB = 1000MB
1 TB = 1000GB
(note these are roughly the amounts)