[poll] AMD vs Intel



On one hand, reliability, durability, low cost - on the other hand performance, speed, architecture.

OH and I almost forgots Intel - blue man group.

WITHOUT being mean, dirty or hurtfull, which company do you support.
First off, just because they are in a dell doesn't make them good (not to bash dell); secondly even tho i voted AMD because they are more cost-effective the intel core 2 duo's kick amd's fx series' butt...it's not even close (unfortunately, cause i luv amd) which by the way stands for Advanced Micro Devices tho i do luv your acronym for it lol :)
ok, so meisster - you do realise the comments after the choices are all for humor? Why would anyone think i meant intell was good because dell uses them, OR that dell was good for that matter. Just like i know what AMD stands for. <sadface> nobody remembers Cyrix do they?
woot who votes for cyrix anyhow? I didnt really think anyone would actually have missed their old cyrix. then again, not like they ever broke either.
They are all like oil and water. both the processers are good for differen't things. In my opinion

The first Cyrix product for the PC market was a X87 compatible FPU coprocessor. The Cyrix FasMath 83D87 and 83S87 were introduced in 1989. The FasMath was the fastest 386-compatible coprocessor and provided up to 50% more performance than the Intel 387DX.
Right now, Intel has the best processors out. AMD will most likely bring it back up again, when their new line comes out, although I'm not completely sure when. Sucks that we'll see the last AMD/Nforce compat. mobo's...
Woah, I'm suprised at the amount of people who voted for Intel. Intel Core 2 FTW! So Intel gets my vote.
This should be followed by the what video card maker... Nvidia or ATI..... Intel and AMD both work just fine, it boils down to preference.
Yeah I was going to do vid cards next - but i wanted to see how this one went. I am actually surprised there isnt much technical talk going on here. I expected a heated debate using specific points and couterpoints but appaerently "$#%#%^ FTW" and voting is good enough.