=[ego]=member spamming server with hilary duff

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ok guys well im here to find out who =[eGO]=T.Shiavo is this person came over to our server and mic spammed for like 2 - 3 hours when i got on i perma banned his ass, my question is if this person is an ego member do you allow your member to go to other peoples serevers and spam the mic and be a complete prick or is this person just putting on the ego tag?????

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From our "Request Ban" forum:

1. OFFENDERS IN GAME NAME: Pvt. T. Schiavo [6th RB]
2. OFFENDERS STEAM ID: Im sorry. Mister Baned him before i could get it
3. SERVER: Kalt
4. DATE AND TIME OF OFFENSE: 9/05/07 10:15pm PST
5. ADMIN PRESENT AT TIME OF OFFENSE (if known): GardenGroveVW, Mister Blonde
6. REASON FOR BAN REQUEST: Recruiting on our servers
7. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I told him to stop. he then continued to do it on the mic plz ban from all servers!!

Most likely same person, trying to give us bad name after we slapped the perma ban on him. You can always check our roster to see if he's on the list of eGO's.
aight cool i relaly didnt think that ego would have member like that LOL anyways were would i post if i wanted to orginaze a scrim between -=CAN=- vs =[eGO]=
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