The Pointless "Argument"

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[19:45] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: i love you
[19:46] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: PWNTED!
[19:46] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: you still there?
[19:47] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: wtf?
[19:47] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: wft??
[19:47] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: I love you too (LOL)
[19:47] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: im a great idiot
[19:48] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:Im an idiot
[19:48] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: im a bigger one
[19:48] ><ĆĐЯ><Krakken: OWNED
[19:48] ><ĆĐЯ><Krakken:im the biggest one
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ><Krakken: howyou like menow, PUNK?
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: NO HE'S NOT I AM
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: i love doing that to people
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: but wesley got really pissed at me
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: zack was laughing
[19:49] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: and garrett didn't notice
[19:49] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: im gay
[19:50] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: I'm gay
[19:50] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: lmao
[19:50] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: OWNED
[19:50] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: wait no
[19:50] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: thats me
[19:50] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: lmao
[19:50] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: im a great idiot
[19:50] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: PWNED
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: Hey man, dont be insulted
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: im gay too
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: thats kool
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: im glad to know im not the only gay one round here
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: me too
[19:51] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:i love wesl
[19:52] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: dont be insulted because i am better than you
[19:52] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: man this is fun
[19:53] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:man garret is so hot
[19:53] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: yeah he is
[19:53] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: im gonna get him before you!
[19:53] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: you just cant beat me! OWNED
[19:54] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: brb
[19:54] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: u suck
[19:54] ><CDЯ>< Da Lite: oops sry
[19:55] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:i suck
[19:55] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: i wanna suck your cock!
[19:55] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: HELL NO ITS MINE
[19:55] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: I AM INVINCIBLE!
[19:56] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: seriously we should stick this on the internet
[19:56] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:so people no im gay
[19:56] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: they should know i'm gay too
[19:57] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: I'm fat
[19:58] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: yes you are
[19:58] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: very fat
[19:58] ><ĆĐЯ>< Da Lite: SLIMFAST
[19:58] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: yeah, seriously
[19:58] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken: take a diet or 4
[19:59] ><ĆĐЯ>< Krakken:: im fat too

I just stuck this here so you could see the great converstation!

PS: not all of this was said by the person who it says it was said by IE: I changed my nickname to Da Lite for commentsa like "I'm Fat" and back to krakken for the reply (yes there were two people going at this together)

I just figured I'd post it on here so you could see the comedy
Ok then... Lol you sound like my friend and I. We do every random thing in the world. Like this one time in pizza hut we were in the bathroom screaming and yealing in the stalls pretending we were taking a giant crap. Hahaha some old guy walks in and says "Are you ok?" My friend goes ohhhhhh then droped a rock ing the toliet and went ahhhh... It was sooo funny!
There was a truck backing up just outside my school at about 3 km per hour. I went up and pounded the side really loudly (only once) and started screaming. Luckily the driver was a good sport and once he caught on he laughed instead of suspending me.

Another famous trick: when the pizza guy comes to your house, take the pizza, say "I'll take it from here," and close the door. Me and Jack did that once (about 2 minutes later we came back out and paid himthough, we're not criminals)
Ok one more thing, I like your hitting the side tactic but I know a better one, you have to go to a golf course and get a rock, make it about the size of your foot. Not to big not to small, then proceed to wait beside the golf cart track with the rock behind ur gold bag then push it out as a golf cart goes by and hope it runs it over, after it hits the rock kick the rock away and drop to the ground screaming and holding your foot and cussin ur head off. You should see the look on some of the people faces after they came back :D Ive gotten kicked out of many a golf course for this one :D
You might want to consider suicide.

ROFL just kidding...but you might have a little too much spare time.
Golf is a wimp sport! Hell, its not even a sport. You hit a ball, walk 10 feet, get in a golf cart, ride a few minutes. Get out, walk 10 feet, hit a ball, and start all over again. Where is the action, the fire? All sports need action. All that goes on in golf is a ball going into a hole.
Well i'm not fat and I walk... Try walking about 9000 yards with about 16 pounds on your back. You need to be relaxed and when your walking a far distance you get tired. I'm also a very good golfer and I hit it realy far. But I also play a good sport. Baseball! Is that what you wanted to hear krakken? Thats the soprt I play that has "fire".
Baseball is a medium sport. The most common TRUE sports are soccer, football, and basketball. They all require far more athletecism than baseball. Other than those some less known true sports are rugby, track, and even tennis (sorta). But baseball is definitlye like 39 steps above golf.
Baseball is my favorite sport. Don't like soccer that much. I watch football on TV but don't really like playing it, since it has to be organized to be good. Basketball is ok.
Thank you Noxus! Finaly someone i can relate to! Baseball... Football is fun to watch, somethims play, soccer I dont even get, and basketball is a anytime sport to play. But I have to disagree with you krakken... Baseball is a high level sport because it takes a lot of speed. You need to jump off that base and sprint. You try throwing a ball 90-100 mph... But your right it is like 100 steps above golf on the excitment level.
True, I never thought about the pitchers adn catchers. They are really the only people whom baseball is a TRUE sport for. The others, its still partial.
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