YAY! UK servers!


Awesome, i now have a server to paly on without a rediculously high ping!
But i was wondering when and if we might be getting more UK servers, and what they may be?
Personally I'd LOVE a Kalt server as it is the most awesome map ever.
Maybe we could have a poll to decide what map the possible next server will be.

Awesome-power and love from Natima to all.
Patience, they can only do so much at a time. They are testing out some different things for the community. If and when they decide that they want to expand more UK servers, they will let everyone know.
oops, sorry i didnt check the size, it was much smaller when i searched it on google. But yes indeed, patience.
i was mainly just wondering if there were any real plans.
but anyway, it just hit me that i think the one UK server we do have should be put on a map rotation. cant just have AVA all the time..... can we?
Yeah, just be patient. Everybody behind the servers is probably working harder then ever to keep our clan running smoothly, I commend them greatly for that. I'm sure theyll get around to it, just a matter of time now.
yeah... thats what i said...
would be good to have a lower ping, but ive got to know all the guys on the current Kalt server.. so im in a bit of a pickle. :S

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