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Hello everyone tonite I was playing DoD and Bunnies told me my mic was acting up... Well I took a look at it and I found that my headset wasnt working properly... So I posted this to ask what a good headset that has a mic attached to it would be. (logitec...) Oh and the headset I have is a logitech.
Altec-Lansing A-633 a link is here: http://www.computers2go.com/productlist.asp?subcategoryid=9&categoryid=1

The only reason I picked one up was a spare in case my other died - which it did after the wires were pulled once too often.

....but just about any will do. Chat doesn't need a whole lot of horsepower, just a reasonable mic. Small computer stores are better than Best Buy. 10$ - $15 is fine. A buddy of mine spent about $45 on his and I didn't notice any appreciable difference between the sound between his and mine.
Cool, just don't let a fast talking salesperson talk you into something expensive you don't need. Headphones for music....you want something reasonable....but headset for chat in a game...meh, whatever does the job.
I agree. Most of the time when a salseman is talking I have to correct every word he says. Like he told me this zip card I bought had 3 Kg hertz. Lol. I told him "do you mean 3 gigs?" and he goes "oh yea, whatever." they will hire anyone at best buy... so sad... But thanks again redshift.
haha i think that is pathetic.. i actually know what is what on computers my brother made 3.. and were going to re build mine so it runs faster... Ya.... i have i think a logitech one that works perfectly that my dad payed 25 bux for.... it people say the voice noice level is low...
i'm having a little problems with my mic... i tried using my mic during gameplay but all that comes out is crazystatic and a choppy voice.. does anyone know what could be the problem? tia =]
I gave up with headsets. I had a fancy $60-70 one. After about a month or two i was spinning in circles with my headset on, and that was the end of it :p I then decided to get a mic that sat on my desk, which is also a good option. I also got a wireless headphones that rock. But there is no better way to play DoD:S than with a nice 5:1 200W Bass. boom boom says the bass :)
zebra if i were you id check to make sure there isnt anything in the mic like a crum or spit.. if there is nothing mite want to get another pair.
Yea, that is. Go to DoD then go to setting(in the menu) Then audio, microphone, then adjust it.

If that dosent work than take the f drive and the wxyz drive and atatch it to the i dont know and other letters for drives drive. (dont even lisen to that part lol)
mmm if your mic is breaking up stop that download you have going in the background. :) I use a logic tech that I paid $15 for at Walmart.
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