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So, even after hours and hours of putting together the next set of maps, getting a voting system operational, and really trying to respond to the player's requests, the Kustom Kettle server sits empty many evenings again now.

With every other new server launch, clan members made a concentrated effort to fill those servers to help get them off the ground. The public isn't going to just magically show up... the server needs to get into people's favorites lists. The only way that happens is if the server is active.

I realize nobody wants to sit in an empty server. But it doesn't take much... 4-5 people jump in there, and you'll fill it up fast. So what gives? Do we really not care? Or what?

A few weeks of effort will bring the IP into enough favorites lists that the server will easily stand on its own. But this won't happen magically, and it won't happen overnight. We need YOUR help!
I'll get in there! I'll try and be in Kustom Kettle as much as possible on the weekends for sure. It just stinks so bad that I can't play during the week...feels like I'm letting you guys down ;( Bu yes, I shall be in the Kettle server whenever the weekend rolls arond.
I'll be there. I just don't have a good internet connection right now. but i'll be up and running soon!
do what garden grove did and just go to all the servers and ask (more like lightly demanding, but it's not a big deal) e's to join. I guarantee you if there are e's, they will join.

P.S. if not, please don't smight me!
I think we should have a KK day were we ask members to fill the server all day.

Like say Tuesday is KK day.

But yeah, I'll get in there.

PS I posted your maps announcement in the VIE and DoD forums.
We had around 12-15 players for a few hours tonight... let's keep up the connection guys. There's still some players in there right now, hop in there and help them out!
[quote1189133831=Baron Rojo]
i been getting in there when its empty but no one joins

When baron calls for me i help fill that sucker up. and it gets full. but i work from 8-5 mon-fri after i get off work i'll get people to join that sucker!!!! and baron knows i can hehe :)
We really should do something like put a notice in one of the stickies in the recruitment section, in all the servers it says "e's and eG's, play in kalt for the council members to look at you for promotion!"

We should put something in the recruitment section about that being the Kettle server, instead. The Kalt server now stands on it's own, might as well switch it over and try and get as many of the recruits, who often stray from kustom maps, in there as possible.

As for myself, I'll do what I can to help. Haven't been playing a *ton* lately, but when I do I'll hop on Kettle you have my word. Definately don't want to see that go down the drain.
I played the KK Server for about 2 hours or so tonight. I don't understand why it's always so empty.
I don't really understand either, the maps are cool. I haven't played all of them yet, but I like Lennon alot. I think we even had the server full one day, it was a blast.
I'll try to fill it up on european times. Since all american folks are still sleeping in their beds. I hope it works out!
Well, its empty so much for many of the reasons already hinted at.... the everyday DoD player is not very familiar with custom maps, and often times doesn't even know about their existence.

Thus, it takes our dedicated effort to change that. Not to say its difficult really, just takes some coordination. Get 4-5 of your buddies in there, and it'll get active within 20 minutes or so, easily.

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