outbreak where's my avatar?!?


EGO Zealot
its been hmmm about 3 months or so since i asked for one. no pressure man but people remember u fro m ur sig. im sure a lot of other people are wanting those awesome sigs u make. u dont have to make them but it was really generous of u to offer and alot of people decided it was cool. i think i was till an e when i asked for one.... !amazed
yeah sorry i got caught up in life. let me go back and see if i can find what you wanted.

you should have PM'd me this though. You may have opened up another flood gate of people asking me for avatars lol.


Yeah go ahead and PM me what you want. Please be as specific as possible, maybe include pictures.


Here you go bro. Hope you like it. took me like an hour and a half...
hmm i put

sorryi meant broken image couldnt think of the word.

if u know how to put it in correctly it would be much appreciated.

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