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Well being completly inspired by Outbreaks wonderful NES PC project (check out the thread here http://www.edgegamers.us/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?70040)

I have started work on my own. I now have all the parts in my posession except a processor which i will be going into town to sort out on monday.

The general spec i will be going for it

- some 478 socket processor (prob p4 or celeron at 2ghz +)
-512 MB ram
-laptop slimline dvd drive/writer
-80GB 2.5 inch laptop hard drive
-108MBps wireless card

Output wise i intend to have VGA aswell as tv out and s video. Also gonna have all audio conectors (line out, line in, mic) and i think i will make some custom phono sound out for connecting it tothe tv aswell.

Probably will also have 4-6 usb, bluetooth, original controller ports wired into the parallell port and i may connect up the ethernet port (i havetn decided on this yet as the wireless card will probably be enough for me)

Construction has started and the case is gutted. I will post pictures as i go along and you can see how its progressing. Aim to take a few evenings this week and blast this project out but im working alot this week so im not to sure, we shall see.....

you dont have to wire up the parallel ports! do like i did and go to retrousb.com and they have NES-USB adapter cables that work great!!! it will just take some careful dremil tool work to get them to fit in the original spot!
ah im pretty sure ive got a good work arround with this parallell port thing and have all the parts i need already so im gonna give it a go

will save money and keep 2 usb ports free :)
How is this different/better than just using a NES emulator? Are you making something that actually uses physical NES cartridges?
How is this different/better than just using a NES emulator? Are you making something that actually uses physical NES cartridges?

Umm... he's making a PC out of an old NES box. Outbreak plays DOD:S on his.
Ohhh. I had it backwards. Sorry.

Cramming PC parts into a NES box doesn't seem like it'd be incredibly complicated. Now, playing NES cartridges on a PC - that would be impressive.
ah its not thee most complicated thing ever, just getting the parts can be akward (small form boards, and laptop drives etc)

Im pretty sure that making an interface for a nes to a pc wouldnt be all that hard. Afterall its been done many times before (that is how guys make the roms that u use in emulators!)

All that being said i really dont think i could be bothered with that lol
hum so ive been way more busy than i thought and ran into a couple of problems with some parts not working but ive now got all the computer components working on it.

Just waitng for the adapter for my 2.5 inch hdd so had to use a regular 3.5 when i was testing it. Everyting fits currently which was a surprise to say the least!

Its running xp media centre 2005 and it runs flawlessly. Oh and i made a custom boot up screen to replace the windows one :)

Here are some pic to keep u guys goin until i finish this off....



ps i can send u the boot up skin if you want outbreak?
nice custom startup screen. pretty much amazing that you were able to fit a regular sized hard drive in there.

yeah that would be awesome. If you could link me to where you figured out how to change the startup screen that would be great!

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