Someting to do with VAC and not getting a connection


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Today I was playing as usual, no problems whatsoever. Then after I disconnected and checked our forums, I came back in game. Sounds normal right? But then I connected to our orange server and it read something like this: "VAC could not establish a connection to the server." Something in those terms. Now I went to our KK server with the new CAMP 3 maps; Same story. Played for about 1-2 minutes and then I got disconnected and that window popped up again. Any suggestions or tips to fix this please? Thanks, all help is appreciated. :)
Ok heres the official message I recieved from the game: "A connection the the Steam VAC servers could not be made."
Plus that window that pops up when you join the game was all blacked out somehow. HELP PLEASE!!!
restarting steam should fix it ive had this happen to me before and i just restarted steam and it cleared up

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