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Thanks for sticking around Krakken, I have been gaming with you since earily eGO days and enjoy your presence.

Storm, I do not understand your problem. But there is 5800 other DOD:Source servers currently running.
The problem was peacefully resolved a little while ago, and people said that noone disliked you. That might have changed now. You won't be missed.
I would have to agree with krakken, That is very uncalled for. And ego is a great clan. I have been through alot also, so has krakken, and many of these members. Yet they are still members because they know that ego is a peaceful and fun gaming enviorment.
We will not look for revenge about anything. This clan does not do revenge. It just causes more problems.
eGO already has its revenge. He left a great clan, community, and a great place to be. The only one losing here is him.

And what he meant by crap I believe was the 3 random bans on me a while ago. That I think is what made him so pissed off.
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