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Last night I was looking at some sites to get me better fps' in DoDS for my desktop and laptop.

I found this at :

"I use this one and have similar system to yours with a64 and 6800 series card and can go over 100 fps easy, but I lock it at 75 because it doesnt really drop below that, so lock the fps at the low point for your system. I bet you go over 100 or lock at 90 no problem.

// _Set netcode settings_
// _adjusts hitboxes and netcode settings for optimal registration_
cl_interp 0.01
cl_interpolate 1
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck 1
cl_lagcompensation 1
cl_smooth 1
cl_cmdrate 45
cl_updaterate 45
rate 20000

// _Set graphics settings_
// _adjusts graphics settings to boost framerate_
cl_ejectbrass 0 // _disables shells flying out of guns_
cl_forcepreload 1
cl_phys_props_enable 0 // _disables trash and cans etc_
cl_phys_props_max 0 // _disables trash and cans etc_
cl_radartype 1 // _solid radar_
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1 // _enable or disable dead bodies_
cl_show_splashes 0 // _disables splashes when in water_
fps_max 75 // _caps FPS_
mat_bloom 0
mat_bumpmap 0 // _disables bumpmapping_
mat_clipz 0 // _lowers water quality_
mat_fastnobump 1 // _faster bump mapping_
mat_fastspecular 1 // _fast specular lighting_
mat_mipmaptextures 1 // _texture quality decreases with distance_
mat_picmip 2 // _lower texture quality--set between 0 and 2_
mat_specular 0 // _disables specular lighting_
mat_trilinear 0 // _disables trilinear filtering_
mat_vsync 0 // _disables vertical synchronization_
mp_decals 50 // _how many bullets etc will be shown_
muzzleflash_light 0 // _disables muzzleflash_
r_avglight 0 // _disables average lighting_
r_cheapwaterend 1 // _worse water rendering_
r_cheapwaterstart 1 // _worse water rendering_
r_decal_cullsize 2 // _lower texture quality at distance_
r_decals 0 // _disables player sprays_
r_dispfullradius 2
r_drawdetailprops 0
r_drawmodeldecals 0 // _disables decals on models_
r_dynamic 0
r_eyes 0 // _removes eyes from player models_
r_lightaverage 0 // _disables average lighting_
r_lightinterp 0
r_lod 3 // _adjusts model quality--set between -5 and 5_
r_propsmaxdist 100 // _lower object fading distance_
r_renderoverlayfragment 0
r_rootlod 2 // _lower overall game detail level_
r_shadows 0 // _disables shadows (not recommended)_
r_teeth 0 // _removes teeth from player models_
r_waterforceexpensive 0 // _disables high-quality water_
rope_averagelight 0 // _disables average lighting on ropes_
rope_smooth 0 // _disables antialiasing on ropes_
rope_subdiv 0
rope_wind_dist 0 // _disables wind effects on ropes_

// _Set processing settings_
// _transfers load from GPU to CPU to boost performance_
r_3dnow 1
r_mmx 1
r_sse 1
r_sse2 1

// _Set audio settings_
// _corrects audio synchronization_
snd_mixahead .1 // _mixes sound ahead to reduce stuttering_

// _Set violence settings_
// _increases blood to help you see hits better_
violence_ablood 1
violence_agibs 1
violence_hblood 1
violence_hgibs 1

// _Other settings_
budget_show_history 0
cl_crosshairalpha 999
cl_crosshairusealpha 1
jpeg_quality 80
sv_forcepreload 1

thats basically what i use plus

Launch Options

-dxlevel: Sets the DirectX level Source runs in.

You may find that setting this value lower than what your card can actually support to yield a performance increase. For example, a DirectX 9 card may run significantly faster in DirectX 8. Below is the recommended usage:

* -dxlevel 90 for DirectX 9, pretty but no benefit
* -dxlevel 81 for DirectX 8.1, my fav
* -dxlevel 80 for DirectX 8, lowest legal
* -dxlevel 70 for DirectX 7, dont get busted

-heapsize: Dedicates a specific amount of memory to Source.

Increasing the allotted memory can yield substantial performance gains. However, it is important that you dedicate the right amount of memory. Dedicating too much or too little could actually cause a performance decrease.

It is recommended you dedicate half of your system memory. Below is the recommended usage:

* 512MB System Memory: -heapsize 262144
* 1GB System Memory: -heapsize 524288
* 2GB System Memory: -heapsize 1048576

this in launch options: -dxlevel 81 - heapsize 524288 -novid -height 768 -width 1024 +exec autoexec.cfg "

I'd like to know which of these commands I should use to get the best fps' I can without my game looking like crap on my two computers:

desktop specs:
Dell Dimension DIME521
Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2
AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.80 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU
512MB Single Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 1DIMM (soon to be 1.5gb ram)
160gb hard drive

laptop specs:
HP Pavilion tx1000z
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
AMD Turion(TM) 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-56 (1.8 GHz, 512KB+512KB L2 Cache )
2GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150
160gb hard drive
802.11b/g WLAN

Hmm ok.

For your heapsize, did you choose the amount that represents your amount of ram?

Did you get a fps config and save it as "autoexec" in your cfg file?

Did you use the klown config?
Hmm ok.

For your heapsize, did you choose the amount that represents your amount of ram?

Did you get a fps config and save it as "autoexec" in your cfg file?

Did you use the klown config?

I did do the heapsize.
I tried a fps config a few weeks ago and it made my guys all shiny so idk if i want to try that again
and whats the klown config?

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