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Just some nice comical stuff I figured I'd post

You know you've played to much Rome Total War when you figure it takes 3 turns to get to the bathroom
-Rome Total War

If you stand on a carrier, and believe in yourself, and the carrier hard enough, a plane will appear out of thin air
-Battlefield 1942

When using a sniper scope, it is unstable. You know, like you breathe. Then you start running, and it becomes stable.

-Battlefield 1942

At random points, a soldiers face contorts in anger, as if he just remembered something that really pissed him off.
-Battlefield 1942

you could resurface a ship just by getting a bunch of guys to twist their wrenches around it...
-Battlefield 1942

If you see a bunch of easy targets in front of you, you will miss all of them and die
-Red Orchestra

Idiots have a unique pheromone receptor which can sense a friendly arty strike. Once initiated they run to the center of the strike like moths to a flame, thrust their noses in the air and put there finger on the PgDn button ready for the climax!
(PgDwn=TK punish)
-Battlefield 2
For all you Runescape players out there heres one:

You know you've played to much Runescape when you walk into a church and start yelling "Prayer noobs!"

Heres some WoW ones :D:D

You know you play to much WoW when you:

when your running late for work and call in for a summon.

you start referring to your real life friends that you game with by their toon's names....and don't catch it half the time...

When your 7 year old knows the complete boss line up of BWL and AQ40

when you won't go out with a girl who's main is on the Horde

When your current event report for school is on the latest wow pach

and the best one of all time

You know you have been playing to much WoW when you wish your were a night elf.
I played for about 3 years, but havent played in a good 7 months. I got pretty good but just got bored. Also got sick of the immature 9 year olds that play, which make up 90% of the players.
lol i used to work at this resort and there was a guest computer. Noxus is right because I would have to kick lame little nine year olds off of the computer because they would play RUNESCAPE for like 4 hours straight. Oh yeah while they were on vaction.

oh yeah, you know you've played too much DOD:S when you are fluent in german to the extent of war words...
You know you play too much Counter-Strike when you see someone cutting down a tree with an axe and threaten to ban him for hacking.

And for Runescape, it's like a bad, bad drug. You do it once and you get addicted and keep doing it. DO NOT PLAY RUNESCAPE. And no, I don't do drugs.
Obviously you havent played WoW then... Runescape is NOTHING compared to the addictiveness of World Of Warcraft, I haven't known anyone that has played a 10 day trial and was able to say that they werent addicted after it... So if you don't want to get addicted, dont play it....
Correct! That is precisely why I have NEVER played WoW and never will. Runescape was enough for me. Now I just play Oblivion on the Xbox 360 offline and it's a hell of a time.
You know you play too much World of Warcraft when you turn on Aspect Of the Cheetah and whip out your bb gun and Aimed Shot someone in the face and yell "INSTANT KILL! 700 damage!"
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