So, what constitutes a hack?

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Hi, long time player, first time poster.

I was playing a little earlier this evening on Donner and there were clearly some shenanigans going on. Someone was 210-60 as a sniper and someone else was clearly firing through smoke. Aimed fire, not area fire, as he killed several people with short bursts. Naturally, when someone's doing abnormally well some hothead starts grumbling about h4x, but in this particular case Tourette (eGO) said something I found troubling. If I understood him correctly, which I might not have over all the gunfire and chatter, it is not eGO policy to forbid client side things like using high contrast model skins for greater enemy visibility, and fiddling with particle texture to reduce smoke effects, and that many players are believed to use them, even though these things can be inferred when spectating.

Is this correct? If so, why?
His theory is only partially correct. Most player side issues (such as high contrast models) are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to detect on our end. Thus, just as difficult to enforce.

However, we DO review and take demos fairly often. If such abuse is obvious, or if such abuse is determined by the SteamBans team (which also reviews some ofour demos), we will easily issue the ban.

The trick is, your assumption that these can easily be inferred via spectating is incorrect. They can be easily seen if the player is an idiot. Those that are adept at using these tools, are just as adept at hiding them. This of course, presents a problem.
Having specced a lot of people who i have believed to be hacking. I have found that some people are bad at hiding it or don't try and so it is obvious when speccing. While others have hacks that they can switch off at the touch of a button or ones that are not so obvious. Unless it is an obvious aimbot it can be quite difficult to spot a hacker, you may have to sit in spec for a long time and the smartest of hackers switch theirs off once an admin goes into spec. It's a hard life spotting good hackers. We don't want to be one of those servers that bans good players willy-nilly just because we think they're hacking. We have to be 100% sure first; we only ban if we have a demo that shows unequivocally that they hack or we have a confirmation from steam bans, without such hard evidence we leave well alone.
Also depending on the server you were playing on since you did not provide a name it might just be a person who is really good and well known on the server. In that case, any eGO member who frequents the server would be able to tell you whether or not that person is or is not hacking. Rest assured, all will be prosecuted and brought to justice in due time but until then, just assume they are that good until proven blatantly wrong because there is nothing that anyone can do. I hope this does not limit your time on our servers and I hope you have fun.
I agree with corp. Punishment but there are time that you could get an ego if not and eg to monitor that player its happened to me and you may think that a player is hacking but from there side I saw the smoke was not blocking the view from there side but only myside so it would be awsome if it was hacking I saw it as i was just shot by someone better then me. But I do see your point
okay i dont want to seem like a newb but yes i have seen people that it was obvious they had aim hacks and i just want to know how to make a demo and where its saved to sry i dont know all the commands for the game i just know how to play
just for the record, I was also in the game where this was going on, and the guy was def. up to something.
Even his own team was calling him out.

BTW his name was Mr. LEAD

I know me and a bunch of others that were in the server wont be playing again if this guy is in there. IMO screwing with skins and stuff is cheating.
this is on the same subject, but i was wondering if we should tell players not to do this, i know there isnt supposed to be any map exploits used in game, so when you see people floating in the air like on the downspout over the allied first in ava, is that an exploit or is that ok to do
so is anything going to be done about this guy, or is it ok to keep using these little "tricks"
cuz if thats the case, then maybe I should start doing it so I can be in the top 5 ranking?

its just that people like Mr. LEAD ruin the game for the rest of us.
what happend to just having fun and playing fair? Im ranked something like 130 and im happy with that, why do people have to cheat to get higher?
Well just don't blurt out: I THINK 'so and so' ARE HACKING. Seriously, I think THAT constitutes getting muted, especially if so and so is hacking. He'll know now because Mark Mcstupid blurted it out, so the hacker will toggle his hacks.
its just that people like Mr. LEAD ruin the game for the rest of us...

I disagree that people "like" him ruin the game. I don't know MR. LEAD personally, but I play with him in-game regularly. He's an excellent player, with very fast reactions, and is always aware of the environment. It's that awareness, especially with a sniper rifle, that can confer things like big scores and long killing streaks - things that people often look at and blame on dishonest gameplay.
Mr. Lead and his dang second story sniping spot. He's hell to get past, and he's usually aware of incoming enemies. It's why he lays down on the floor and waits with his pistol out.

I like sneaking up and tossing a primed nade up in his nest to say hi.

He's been specced before, and cleared of hacking. He spends his nights sniping, instead of grabbing flags or running the field. 210-60 for his score means YOUR TEAM wasn't calling out his position for rockets and nades.
You can easily tell where people are by playing with the mini map on. It shows you where your teammates died, who killed them, and with what weapon. That's more than enough information for me to get a really good idea of where people are, where they've been, where they're going, and what I can do to be ready for them. I wouldn't be able to play the way I do without the mini map. It's an excellent tool. Combine all of that with a keen listening ear and a quick finger, and you don't need hacks. Ever.
Yeah...I do that with my team when my cousin dan <eagle eye> is playing, drives him nuts :D He had no idea how we were doing it until I told him back in august :D
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