american 2 english lol

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smack head = junkie (herionaddict steals from peaple)
sod off= go away
piss off= go away now
git= stupid person
pissed= drunk (not to be mixed up with piss,cause this is a good thing)
aup= stokie 4 hello there how r u doing.
tea = i like tea!!!!!!!!!!!

plz help me translate , i need all the help i can get lol
omg no replies :(
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im sorry all!

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OK bane, if you speak like the Aussies do, we say take out order instead of take away. And instead of saying toilet room we say bathroom. And if your English (which you are), we drink coffee instead of tea.


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Bane, I spent time in the navy with Brits and Aussies, so I understand what you mean. Sod off, push off, git, etc., are the standard fodder in virtually any movie involving Brits.

Any devotee of Monty Python would have picked up those by now and give a chuckle to see them again.

Expressions such as "going for some kip", "shut your cakehole", "punch in the earhole", etc. are uncommon in both Canada and the US. The English language is generally the same everywhere, but there are some cultural differences that are pretty funny.

...but then again, just about any yobbo knows that :)
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