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Do you guys think we should do a promotional video? Mixed with the clan's info and some comedy perhaps? You know, post it on youtube and see what happens.
I brought this up way the heck back when we only had ava... We kinda didnt do anything about it. The only thing about that is, is that no names should go in except JohnT. I think it would be nice to show what kind of group we are but not what kind of fools we are (Jonsie thats you :D)
i dont think our clan needs any more promotion than our reputation already brings, we are almost never lacking in our servers, and we have a ton of e's, the vid might be cool, but it seems like we have enough on our plate at the moment. that and what one shot said about jones lol
sounds ok but we have soo many recruits. im sorry its a good idea but with th e amount of e's we have currently we are unable to do it. the time that is right for these types of video's is when we are getting low on e's which may never happen.
Well this is how I think it would go.

Intro: The Socom 3 intro music with the letters =(eGO)= on a blue waving flag.
"Welcome to the eGO clan! The most respected clan in DoD:S Here at the clan, things are free all around. Free membership, free admin, and free bullets <With a GMOD pic I would make of some guy getting shot>

While here you will join the elite many who have made the decision to be the pwner instead of the pwned. <Pictures would include a guy holding a live grenade with a stymied 'look' when pwned is said, and then someone sitting ontop of a pile of bodies when 'the pwner' is said>

Did you know statistically playing at any eGO server for a periodical amount of time will:
<On a white backround>
Increase your reflexes <Gmod pic of some guy with corss eyes and a stupid look on his face
Increase your accuracy with guns <Picture of some guy holding a gun backwards in his face>
And will help you get to know your fellow man <Picture of some guy getting kicked in the groin>

<Paused video>
Why just look at this young fellow who we'll call 'Mr E' He's been playing here for a full week, lets look at his honed skills.

<Video plays: Player goes up a ladder and gets shot when he lands. Then he throws a grenade that bounes off a wall right back at him. After this, the player looks at a german soldier and a US soldier fighting with fists and whatnot. He comes up to the two, and they both freeze and look at him. the narrator then says>
Well there Mr E, you've got a dilemma, who do you shoot? The guy who looks like a german. or the guy who doesn't? Thanks to the decision making skills you pick up at the eGO servers, Mr E can make a good decision. <He then shoots his ally, the american in the head, imeediately after this happens the screen goes black>

So, now that you've heard and seen what the eGO clan can do for you, why don't you drop on in? <In the backround it's the first american flag in Ava, and the player falls from the balcony and dies when the announcer says 'drop in'. After falling, the announcer says>

Well there! Seems our new recruit is very enthusiastic! Remember, join here <the link to the site> and step into the halls of the elite!

Roll credits.

Appreciate and consider it, this took me 15 minutes to wrtie :)
I would like to contribute anything I can to this. However, I suggest a bunch of scripts to be made. It's all up to you, though.
Well I;m thinking of making a mockumentary, you know, kinda of like that old spongebob training video episode <I know, it's kiddie stuff but it popped into my head> You can make a script modeled after mine, or your own if you like. The next question though, who here has good video making skills?
Oh oh oh, we can make it all crummy like the old videos from WWII era. With the broken record for a voice and the old film style. Then all of a sudden, JOHNT, and it goes into a more modern type of style.
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You could be the anouncer or the player.

Announcer sounds cool to me. Only if you accept me, though. Choice is yours.

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