I take it back...


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Except for Smallhill, I love kustomkettle again. I should've listened and given the maps more of a chance. Convoy and Strassburg are freakin' intense, and the server was only half full!
is small hill that one with the tank in the middle and bridge thing...and you have to cap it. and its basically like convoy except street instead of snow, and wide instead of long?
No, Smallhill is the one at night, with the hill. I actually love that map because it's so easy to sneak up the hill and knife 'em all.
That's one thing Thor, but other than that, as far as traditional DOD:S goes, it stinks imho. The texturing is UGLY, the buildings are just like blocks, and it's basically an open field with some squares breaking up the wide open, ugly, blocky empy field with hedges hehe. :)

Sorry if it's harsh, I just really dislike that map...not to mention that the server basically dies whenever I've been on and that map comes up.
I was owning Rein on smallhill yesterday, then we played against a couple of CAL players, I was doing well against them on one map, but then I'm not in any shape to play hobofire so they crushed me there :)
As soon as spetz puts hill classic on, it will be awesome. I have heard a rumour folks, well spetz said he was gonna put it on. KK has some amazing maps, strand and KK are my number one servers
Give me a day or so, and I will load hill_classic on there.

However, after it's loaded... I expect YOUR help in getting people in there and playing it. :)
I play KK like I did before. It is my number one server, and if it's emtpy, I go in and wait and get people in there. :) I"m back to teaching now, so I'm not in as much as I was during the summer (20+ hours a week). I still play about 3-4 hours a week though, and it's there in KK for the foreseeable future!
Im sorry but what is CAL?

My thoughts on the KK server:

I think it is something most people underestimate. The maps appeal to a variety of people and their gameplays. Some maps are more to the liking of some players than others(i.e. ramatheson and smallhill) but overall they are something that everyone needs to experience. Sometimes people don't like to learn new maps because they worry about sucking(i.e. me) but it's really not that bad at all.