A few Questions About Being =(e)=

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I made one post
Hey guys its EGG MCFLURRY!!! I was just wondering about rules of being =(e)=. I no I can not kick people, but i was wondering if i can say " watch the language " and " i think thats a map exploit get down " and genaral things like that.

I hope we're allowed to do that, because I do... In certain situations I make it a point to notify an admin about someones activity on a server if it is disrespectful or out of line.
Of course you can. Part of your duty as an eGO member is to promote a fun evironment for everyone to play in. Be as polite and pleasant as you can givin the certain situation. And make sure you say PLEASE! If an eG or an eGO is present, make sure you let the admin handle it, or base your comments on supporting the admin.
Lucky nailed it. Don't forget...if eG/eGO there, let them handle it, let them know if something happening and they don't realize it.
Go ahead and do it MCFLURRY, If someone is out of line or breaking the rules, you try to warn them or tell an admin about it (if there is any there)
Ye, when playing in a server we all should back eachother up! And when an e helpes admins the effect is bigger then when an admin will do it on their own. But still let the admin handle things and as Lucky said: If an eG or an eGO is present, make sure you let the admin handle it, or base your comments on supporting the admin.

af far as I know your alowed ythe e's are just a step away of eg and are looking out for the best in our server so don't be shy but don't abuse the e ask nicley
Of course you can tell people to watch their language, and help remind people of the server rules. But the only way you can act on it now is if you are the only person in the server. other than that, I'd let higher ranked people take care of it.

But back when i was an e, a LONG TIME AGO, i used to get a few steam id's and would request bans for serious problems. but that is very rare.
Yeah I do it, but not excessively. If the language is severe, of course I warn them sternly, but if a higher admin is there, I stay quiet unless the person is not obeying adminm, then I usually just back the admin up. I try not to be to admin-ish since Im not one.
when things get rough just remember that heyyy will be your salvation.
egg mcflurry, I will always be there for you

[quote1189635475=Ryu Takezaki[JONES]]
btw, what counts as an exploit?
Something that is not supposed to be able to be done, but which the map can be exploited to achieve. Basically taking an advantage by doing something deemed unfair, or "not by design."
having e's out there to help is good to have when an admin is not present. You can always get the steam id or sumthing if they continue to do something after you warn them
I feel really dumb, but where do you find their steam id? and yeah, an exploit would be like, boosting up from the 2nd german flag on Ava, or barrier jumping to the Allies on Ava also. Those kind of things. Things that give the player/team an unfair advantage.
=e='s are there to help! Yes its ok to remind other players about the rules, just so long the player do break the rules.

If there are eG' and/or eGO you really dont to go overboard on admining.

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