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I think that Korea is asking for it. If they launch a nuke, the UN will intercept their missle and deliver a few H bombs in return. I am not too worried about it. I have faith in our UN nations and pray that they all have the same view on Korea.
There are reports that there will be another test sometime soon which would be considered an act to aggravate.
World War III is a touchy yet inevitabel subject. Personally, I think it will have to begin when the United States runs out of oil and the supplying countries refuse to sell any, which will force war. That was actually the reason for Pearl Harbor; the U.S. cut off the oil supply to Japan, only giving them with a few months worth, and Japan had no choice but to declare war.

However, WWIII will be a lot different than everyone would think. It will be nothing like any previous war. It will be done as quickly as possible, and the only way that can be done is with a plethora of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are so advanced today that North Korea could launch one, have it travel all the way around the world, and level an entire American city.In retaliation we will have to do the same, and our allies will help us, which will be the dawn of WWIII.
I think that korea is bluffing. They just want the attiention, if they do launch then they are going to be wiped off the face of the earth and they know that. If i were korea i'd probably make it easy for the world and blow myself up.
if we do go to wwIII that would be scary. somepeople think that ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones.... it could happen
I dont want ww III to happen, Bush is a really wild president that i dont like myself, the vote was either between kennedy or bush, and we knew kennedy was a fake so we picked bush but kennedy woulda been worse then bush..So ya... I dont want it to happen because it will make my whole life tear apart without seeing my parents, realitives, ect.
No. WWW3 would not be faught with nukes except by countries down to their last bit of hope. Korea would not use nukes, unless they had lost the majority of their mainland OR nukes had been launched at them. Even dictators are not THAT stupid.

Even commies want to continue living, and that means having nukes, but not using them.
Meh, I actually feel the same as Krakken. Maybe WW3 will start soon(in accordance with the agreement, I don't feel like any nation other than the US is actively seeking targets).
Yeah, I agree with Noyade agreeing with me. Only the most desperate of nations with ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE of winning will use nukes and only as A LAST RESORT
In korea things are goin crazy right now. The South korean pres. is pretty much a pacifist. And some people are protesting about the North korean actions. and the north wouldnt use until nukes until they have no option, besides they have like the 4th largest army or something like that. And i also heard that 1/2 of their tanks dont even work since its from the korean war.
Well if we would go to war lets just hope bush or who ever the president would be dosent inflict the draft.
If its necessary, it is necessary. No one wants a draft but it did save our country before (and britain, france, poland, afrika, korea, manchuria, and others)
Retarded people, disability, if your needed in sociaty(teacher, doctor, anything with a high oaying job)
Save our country!? I hope you aren't referring to Vietnam. UM, WE LOST THAT WAR. The U.S. never should have entered that war. Sure, NK would have invaded and took over SK, but that is their problem. As long as they don't start attacking us or other countries. The feud between NK and SK has been going on for many years and will never end.
Yeah WW1 and 2. But even then, we didn't lose Korea/Vietnam. Did we lose any territory? Did we have to agree to their terms? No. We certainly didn't win, but we certainly didn't lose.
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