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Mk on myspace i see these bullitions saying skip on 9/11 etc....
people complaining this isn't a nation holiday.
Do yall think 9/11 should be a nation holiday and school be canceled for that day?
if i see that bullention post i will copy and past it here to show yall.
i can't find it right now =.=
I voted no, just for the reason that even though it was big, it's not a national holiday, maybe a holiday for Americans (who already get a lot), but not for me.
Not at all. It's also the same reason why the anniversary of Pearl Harbour isn't a holiday... We are not really honouring the dead, but we are honouring their victory.

The people complaining that this isn't a holiday are just people who want school off; they don't give a damn about any of the victims, they're just lazy.
I live in nyc, I lived through 9/11 and all of that stuff from the years after and every governor and mayor speaks about making it a holiday. If anything it should be a specific holiday for just new york. Its really not that big of a concern anywhere else. And honestly not that big of a concern around here either. Those who are most vocal, like thor said, are those who want a holiday for other reasons. For most, remembering it every day is enough. Egocentric americans, world doesnt revolve around us.
Even if it was a national holiday I can't imagine that people would do anything special on that day. Don't make it a holiday, instead do two minutes silence or the ever growing two minutes applause.
No, it should not be a holiday. I agree with Thor, the people who think it should be a national holiday just want a day off from work or school, they don't care about the victims and their families. If you want to honor 9/11, wear the colors, take a moment of silence, something of the sort. But school should stay in session.

Not to mention, a great deal of us were in school when it happened. I think most schools around the nation will take some sort of moment of silence or find a way to remember that day, much more meaningful than kids at home playing video games and such.
its being made a federal holiday starting next year, its named patriots day .... which means ill get the day off next year.

oh and @ heat, a national holiday would only be for america
Whats done is done tragic as it is you have to get on with your lives, a minutes silence is enough i think
( I agree with heat you Americans have enough national holidays as it is)
Should be what it is right now, a yearly memorial, not a holiday. A holiday is given for something positive. Pretty obvious 9/11 wasn't a positive day.
I think there should be a minute of silence, but to have a day off because of it, i dont find it appropriate, im not saying 9/11 wasn't big, it was horrible and tragic, but a day off is a little unnecisary.
Well here is your answer. No, Peral harbor was just as bad back in the day. That isnt a holiday.
I was thinking about this in class today, and I've come up with a stronger answer.

We have a VE day and a VJ day (Victory in Europe and Japan respectively). However we don't have a day memorializing the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Gulf War, or the Cold War (Really a war? Yes, send me a PM if you want to get my opinion on this'un.) On to the point, if we end up winning the war we should have a holiday in remembrance of it's finish, not it's beginning (9/11).

Well those are my thoughts.

No ... as much of a catastrophic event it was we bounced back, we do not need this to be a holiday like one shot said pearl harbor happened we kicked some ass and moved on...
err the Korean war isn't over thor.....

Well, that's getting technical, but the Korean War we usually think of is over. You could also even say the cold war isn't over because of Cuba and Vietnam.

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