One more question! Mouse sensitivity High or Low ?

im at 18, i dont want to be moving my mouse half way across my desk to look left and right, seems to work out good for me, i cant believe you guys are that low, i thought 18 was pretty average
i started at 3, but then i couldn't move as quick as i wanted to, so i continuously changed it up until i got to 20. i found it crazy at first, but i got used to it. but when i started sniping at 20, i moved down to 18 cuz its hard to control the sniper
This would be the ingame setting for mouse sensitivity. Correct ? Does the mouse setting in windows become a non issue when in the game. ? When mine is above 8 I can not keep the sight steady..
default is 13 not 3...I think atleast, default is around 13. mine is at 20, its really good for the support guns, mgs, and rockets. At the same time im a decent sniper with 20 as well... i never understood why lower sensitivity is easier to hit. I find it easier to control recoil with higher.
my mouse sens is maxed at 20
i also have on the fly settings on my mouse, i usually stay on the middle one, cept for when i use mg then i crank it up
I believe mine is just under 4. The reason why everyones sensitivity is so different is because of the difference in mice. The standard optical mouse is usually 800 dpi but some gaming mice go up to 2000 dpi (Razer is releasing a 4000 dpi mouse soon!). This basically means that for every inch a mouse is moved the 2000 dpi mouse has gathered more than twice as much information as the 800 dpi mouse, thus making it more sensitive to your movements.
I think these numbers are largely subjective. If you're using a slick mouse with installed software, it's going to have sensitivity settings that can supersede the Windows and game settings.
Oops. I forgot to say what I use.

I use something like 4.3 sensitivity. I used to have two mouse buttons bound to two sensitivities: 4.3 and... something much higher, I can't recall. I wanted to be able to toggle between the two so that I could snipe with low sensitivity, and move about with higher sensitivity. Like Bruce Campbell said, I didn't like having to move my mouse off the pad to make a quick attacking turn.

I found the process too cumbersome, so I just use the low sensitivity instead. I still think binding multiple sensitivities is a good tactic, IF you can deal with the awkwardness of it. I couldn't. :[
ya i have that standard white and silver microsoft optical mouse, like one of their first mass producted opticals, and 18 works good for me, i still cant use the mg though cause im lieterally moving my mouse across the desk to cover the field of view, even when i bumped it up to max sensitivity i couldnt move it that well
mine is at about 9.8 on a standard roller ball mouse. anything else is too slow.... but i think i mighyt reduce it by a notch or 2 just to see the difference

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