Superbowl Contenders?

No no, Jake Cutler will surprise you all....mayb in like 5 years uhg...Although they are saying he has potential, like Elway potential cuz BOY does he have an arm.
A few predictions:

The 49ers are this year's Saint's. They will start off sloppy, but they will pull it together, start putting up points like crazy, and win a lot of games.

I believe its already been said, but Jay Cutler is this year's Rex Grossman (up, down, up, down). The bad news for Bears fans is that Rex Grossman is also this year's Rex Grossman.

The last undefeated team? The Chargers into week 11 at Jacksonville. That is if they beat New England this week.

If the Chargers lose in week 2, the last undefeated team will be the Colts (duh) in week 10 when they will lose to... the Chargers.

The Cowboys will lose both games to the Eagles. They will still win the division.

The NFC dark horses to make the wildcard? The 49ers and the Vikings. Stranger things have happened.

The Kansas City Chiefs will share honors with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons for worst teams in the league this season.

Vince Young will not break the Madden Curse, but the Madden Curse will break Vince Young's leg.

This year's Super Bowl? The Chargers and The Cowboys. Yep.

Feel free to disagree, these are just my personal thoughts.
Browns all the way...once they start playing Brady Quinn. But not really, I'm just hoping.

Dude, the Browns just threw away Charlie Fry. I really don't think they've got much hope AGAIN this year.
Well I love in Canada but my picks are New England ( just because with Moss who knows what could happen) or Bears, though i would love for Raiders to win, they just are brutal.