2 week forum ban

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dude, i am calling Kendle right fricken now!

I am so going to get him to reset your post count!
No! All my memories of the clan! Gone!

You......you evil..........creature...DON'T DO IT KENDLE!
My heart is crying. I think anyone over my post count should be regulated to only posting between the hours of 6-8 pm central time.
Sorry for the delay John, my phone was busy. Once I get to my comp, I will reset his count to 7 posts.
Dude, you are banned from the forums stop posting here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a perfectly valid reason for a "ban." Yep, I would "ban" him too

PS: when I first saw this thread, I thought it was about stormtrooper
John requested that Noxus be demoted to a new class of eGO.

Noxus, your new tag will be =(eSpam)= until further notice, your ban will be inplace and post's be reset to zero.
Kendle...I thought I knew you. You are dead to me now. AND I REFUSE TO WEAR THE TAG! You'll never take me alive!

Or dead!
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