New headset, suggestions?


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Hey Edge fellas!

I have been thinking of getting a new headset because my current one has only mic working and the mic is just bad... so I have to use 2 headsets when talking with others :/. I have looked some headsets and I ended with this one:

These headsets are quite expensive so I'd rather buy cheaper ones. I had 2 headsets and they were quite cheap but both were very low quality and broke easily. Please if you know something about these headsets or you know better ones with lower price, let me know! :)

If you want to get headphones in that price range then you should look into ..... sennheiser (i cant spell). Audiophiles rant about these liek they were crack and diamond encrusted.

Myself, I couldnt find a pair that came with a mic that also met my otherrequirements so I own a pair of IceMatAudio headphones w/mic and I love them. I used to think spending this money was stupid - infact, I used to buy the $6.00 over ear headphones from newegg - They sounded decent and felt rgeat. less than $10 AFTER SHIPPING! They also broke after 8 months. EVERYtime.... ev ery time. I owned 4 pairs, always they always brake / stop working the same way, same order, everytime. I got so frustrated i said i enevr wanted it to happen again and tada - icemat.
The mic on mine is removable so instead of clipping it to the cord for use with headphones, I clip it to my shirt when i play with speakers. sweet.
Couple things. In all seriousness, get a cheap one off ebay. Also, avoid USB.

I have a usb desktop mic that came at around $50, which is total crap. And the one I still use is a cheap generic line-in headset that I got off ebay for about $9 around 3 years ago...

Headset mic's are usually preferred, and unless you use headphones just get one with cheap phones attached.
ive heard tha the razer brracuda headset got a fantastic sound but ive also heard that the mic is pretty bad and some pepol have said that u practiclly needed too yell 4 pepole 2 hear u but im not sure of these things just something ive heard
ive got sennheisers and they are amazing even though they dont have a mic (which you can still get separately for around 10 bucks). They also very comfortable adn they are the type that when you put on the world goes silent than whoosh! the bullets start flying cause your game just loaded. o and the parts are replacable for easy maintenance. and comes with a screw on jack if you want to stick it in an amp or your stereo system.

these are mine
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these are others
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o and sennheiser is a German company if that means anything to you (cars)
i have a logitech mic for about 40 bucks... Its awesome. it works fine. Ask some of the clan members that play w/ me and they'll tell you how clear it is. Make sure u spend some money or else it'll break easier.
i think you should forget what zer0day said about usb. USB headsets beat stereo headsets times infinity. i had a logitech pc priscesion gaming headset from dell, it was ok, but then it broke in a couple months. i also was wearing 2 different headsets at the same time and i sounded terrible. eventually i ordered a kikass cyber accoustics usb headset from newegg for 20ish dollars. usb will give faster sound and more clear digital audio.

the only problem with usb is that it takes a little longer to set up sometimes. this is because you have to change your systems primary driver to that of the headset so that when the headset is plugged in, that driver will be used automatically. then when you unplug it, it will revert to the driver of your speakers.(this headset is compatible with vista if thats what you have)
well i have had many headsets.. for some reason i break them a lot. I have noticed you do get what you pay for. But its really up to you on what one you want because you want it to be comfortable.