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EGO Is My Life!
Hey guys, I am not going to be around the next couple of days. Busy until Saturday evening :(

Could someone get the server started for me :)

We are climbing in rank, up to 55 now. So someone please get in and get the server cranked up :)
man i started the server every day like a week ago, but i just got a job so its hard to play alot any more : ( IM GOING THOUGH DOD WITHDRWAL!!!
Lol, I would love to but my desktop has seriously started sucking more then I ever thought possible. If I try to get on DoD it usually just shuts down on me and if it does load it up successfully it takes 30 min to connect and load the server =S I need a new rig :O
Hmm, it could be there's just too much overhead. Try running msconfig and unselecting a few start-up apps and reboot. It might help. It sounds as if there could be a lack of memory and possibly you may have to increase the size of the pagefile.
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