should it be harder 2 get a gun in the us ?

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im writting an essay on the american gun laws and i would like 2 hear youre opinion about this

if yes why ?

if no why not ?
It depends on the state because federal gun laws are very obscure. Majority of States have their own gun laws, for example in new york you have to be registered by the NYPD to have a gun, and special permits to have one at home or on your person if you can prove that you really do need a gun. Plus honestly, I havent seen a single gun store in all of NYC lol... But on the other hand places like virgina (I hate to bring it up but its the truth) anyone with a drivers lisence can and will buy a gun after passing an FBI screening thingie making sure hes not some illegal super criminal assassin thing. yeah thats my input >_>;...
If you're writing a paper about laws, I dont think opinions are what you need. Plus opinions will only lead to arguments on this issue.

Here are Illinois' laws. You have to have a Firearms Owner ID card commonly called a FOID in order to even hold a gun legally (without direct parental supervision if you're a minor). You must be 18 to purchase any long gun (rifle or shotgun) or ammo for these and 21 for pistols and ammo. There is a 24 hour wait to pick up long guns after ordering them and a 72hour wait for pistols. You cannot have concealed carry unless you are a member of law enforcement and you cannot get a class 3 license at all (no silencers or fully auto guns).
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