[poll] whats ur favorite gun

It totally depends on the class. I like both snipers but I prefer allied because of the scope. I prefer the thompson over the mp44. Then again I prefer the STG over the BAR. each mg has its plus/minus so..
My favourite weapons are the BAR, Carbine, STG, and the K98.

But my ultra-fave is the BAR, so I'm gonna have to vote US Forces.
def. need the carbine class...but for the most part i prefer allied weps...lately tho i've been playing axis whenever i can can't help it for some reason...
Honestly. I enjoy every weapon in the game from time to time. My favorite though is probably the kar. But I also like the garand and the thompson. I'm good with both snipers. And the STG44. And the rocket classes, as well as the MP40. Sometimes the 30cal is well but the MG42 also appeals to me an equal amount. The BAR is about as fun as it's axis counterpart depending on my mood.

I voted for Allied, i always play support on it, with the BAR, but sometimes i like the smg44 better. I think it depends of how you are feeling and what map you are playing...
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Allied al the way! I'm in love with that springfield. Be scared if your on Strand on the german side n I gotsa sniper. lol
Im looking forward to snipe you with the kar, however i voted wehrmacht because of the kar and stg

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