NEW RELEASE: dod_orange_bridge_b1

I will look into adding this shortly. How large is this?

Recall, orange maps must be suited for play for smaller groups of people. Massive orange maps will no longer be accepted for the server.
Uh, well I have it made to support up to 32 but that is by no means a requirement. The download is only 1Mb in a zip...I think the bsp itself was something like 3.4Mb which is a little misleading if you've seen the map/
This will be added to the Kettle's Orange server later this evening. I will reply to this thread when the upload is complete.
Just in case any of you didn't read the notes I put on fpsbanana, I DO have spawn protection enabled so that if you pass a certain area you will start taking damage. I did this for 2 reasons

1. invisible, and impassable walls seemed a bit silly

2. I think exit ramp camping on orange maps is really cheap and annoying. This way each spawn is relatively well protected from camping. There's no surprise MG's waiting to mow you down as you all come out over some silly ramp. It IS possible to camp spawn, but I thought about it and decided that this way provided the best overall protection.

If this doesn't play out well I can certainly change or remove it altogether.
Well I finally got to play my map today and got a pretty good idea of the flow of things.

1) I foolishly didn't consider gameplay with no sniper restrictions. I intended it to be more of a mix of assault and sniping.

2) I'll spend some time and try to rework the flow of things taking into consideration things like the possibility of nothing but snipers.

Other than the sniping, everything seemed to go as I planned it, however, it being my first map, I'm really eager to hear any feedback and suggestions. In the mean time I'm gonna go back now that I see some issues and try to even things out a bit.
Oh. man, this map is so fun with Thomson. If I can get up to their base I can take out all of their snipers. Using smoke grenades is fun too.

It is pretty fun but I can get sniped near spawn a lot.