My new vidieo card!

Could have saved 100$ and bought the G7 logitech mouse. [link=hyperlink url][/link]

Anywho, have fun with it. Maybe now you'll get to see my bullet smack you in the face in vivid detail :p
Pretty cool. To elaborate on Noyade's hi-res death threat, you will also be able to see rockets piercing into your stomach and watch them explode, sending you from the top apartment to the bottom of the fountain.
That is a sweet video card oneshotkill

I'm getting Windows Vista next month so I'm going to wait about a month to grab a ATI Vista Premium ready video card..

but for now my x1300 series will have to do : p
Wow that must be one fast running card. My EVGA 8800 GTS makes me feel like I have a speed hack compared to my old AGP card. Good thing about EVGA is that they let you step up to a better card within 90 days and pay the difference. Ok I have about 80 days to think about getting the 8800 GTX :)
*tear* :'(
what is up with all you people and haveing 500+ dollars to spend on computer parts... Oooh! I have an idea, how about every time someone wants to buy a $500+ component, instead they get a $400+ one instead and give me the left over 100 dollars, then we would all be happy :) because you don't really need the 500 doller one.